Poalgi was founded, with just a handful of employees, in a small industrial building in an Alginet industrial estate in 1990. Our staff began their journey long before that, in sectors such as ceramics and composites. With the foundation of Poalgi, our new business philosophy embodied the commitment to implement transformation processes that are more in line with industrial reality. That same year we created our first BASIC collection, manufactured in Roc-Glas. 

Since then, we have grown to workforce of over 40 employees and we have extended our installations to 6000 currently. We have created five more sin collections: Gandia (2007), Kuma (2007), Shira (2009), Zie (2014) and City (2017), and we have forged ourselves a path in the bathroom sector with three shower tray collections: Hos's Gneis and Clay, as well as our Litos countertop collection. This has enabled us to separate the products lines into poalgi | Kitchen and poalgi | Bath. 

Participation at international trade fairs 

Since 1995 we hace been takin part in Spanish trade fairs relating to our sector, such as Maderalia, Cevisama or SICI; and at international fairs, such as SIB or TURKEY BUILD.

Our Roc-Stone material, made with mineral loads, has been certified based on an R&D&i project conducted by AENOR and our products have passed the ISO quality assurace tests. 

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