técnica cerámica

Land, crafts and a unique idea

On the shores of the Valencian Albufera where the wisdom and tradition of the pottery trade is combined with the flux of a highly ambitious and innovative team the formation of Poalgi was revealed…

In 1990, when the multinationals dominated the sector with industrial processes, Ángel Mínguez, founder and CEO of Poalgi, decided to manufacture, together with a small team in Alginet (València), the first kitchen sinks using the traditional ceramic technique.

Today our kitchen and bathroom collections are present all over the world, and stand out for their organic shapes, functionality and personalisation, with exclusive materials designed to survive the test of time.

The strongest root

Since our inception, Poalgi manufactures each model of sink now shower tray from a prototype made by hand. A solid root upon which increasingly complex and efficient processes have been developed thanks to diligent research, resulting in dynamic high quality end products.

In 1994 Poalgi presents Basic, our first kitchen collection made in Roc-Glas, a highly resistant material made with fibreglass and used widely throughout the Naval and Aeronautical Industries.

material poalgi
máquinas de inyección

A new beginning

A change in management and a firm commitment to the value of a product caressed by its land and the know-how of a dedicated team, makes Poalgi start a new and fruitful stage. 

A new location is sought in the Alginet industrial estate (Valencia), and the first injection machines are acquired.

material rocstone

From Carlet to the world

The talent of his team and his hours of research originate the first material of its own formulation: Roc-Stone made with mineral fillers.

The improvement in the surface finish of the new material allows for more elegant, functional and risk-averse designs. Like the Gandía model, the first under-counter sink, and the Kuma, emphasising a design of geometric shapes. As a result of these advances, Poalgi opens the door to internationalisation…

Colour customisation

For Friedrich, “the painter should paint not only what is in front of him, but also what he sees inside.” In 2007, the Poalgi team dreams in colour.

Colour on demand. A memory, a wish, that may become the colour of your Poalgi product. The Colour Plus program is achieved with gratitude to the artisan manufacturing system and represents a wonderful revolution in this sector.

In 2008, Poalgi moved to the new and present location, in the prime Carlet Municipality industrial area. In 2009 it is here that the new Shira sink was born.

javier pastor

News horizons

Over the coming years, a growing prominence of the bathroom space as a place of respite and relaxation within the home, this leads Poalgi to create its line of shower trays with organic, elegant and comfortable designs: Hos’s (2013), Gneis (20..) and Clay (20 ..).

In 2016 the bathroom takes on a new dimension with Litos, with its first bathroom countertop. Meanwhile, in the kitchen the new sinks Zie (2014) and City (2017) are presented to the world.

The National Comic Award, Paco Roca, Illustrates the 30th anniversary of Poalgi

Poalgi ha pensado en Paco Roca por sus raíces valencianas, además de considerarlo un referente cultural y un artista consagrado. Motivos que, sumados a la relación del ilustrador con la compañía, han hecho de este artista valenciano una persona idónea para ilustrar los diferentes momentos de la historia de la compañía y sus integrantes, a lo largo de sus 30 años.

Esta trayectoria se ha reflejado en los dos soportes que ha elaborado el artista para conmemorar los 30 años de actividad de Poalgi. Ambas obras han sido expuestas en el Stand de Poalgi en Cevisama 2019. El ilustrador también ha acompañado a la familia Poalgi en su crucero con motivo de la conmemoración del 30 aniversario diseñando las camisetas del viaje.

paco roca
ilustración paco roca
crucero poalgi

HEKLA: The bravery of nature

“Fidelity to our origin and processes, together with our desire to excel, it has brought us here », Ángel Mínguez, CEO of Poalgi. In 2020, Poalgi presents Hekla, the first in-house mass-produced material and also the most resistant.

Hekla embodies the bravery of nature and represents a new summit for a team in constant rise and solid roots.

digitalización poalgi

La digitalización

Poalgi apuesta por la venta online con el objetivo es ser accesible a nivel a global. Para contribuir a mantener productos y materiales en uso y disminuir la generación de residuos, nace una nueva forma de consumo, el outlet, donde se pueden adquirir piezas especiales y ediciones únicas.

También se refuerza la comunicación digital, transmitiendo la filosofía y los valores de la marca, acercando la cultura del diseño, la tradición e historia de Poalgi, la importancia y los beneficios de los productos en nuestras vidas.