Sinks made for life

Kitchens are changing. Their function is evolving, as are our habits and our way of understanding the world.

Today our kitchen is more than ever a place that speaks of us, our tastes and what we do in our free time. Kitchens are becoming less and less rigid, becoming epicenters of life.

Poalgi kitchen sinks respond to this new concept with designs that follow the pulse of life. An infinite number of possibilities that adapt to every home: inset and undermount sinks, made from granite and resin, collections that grow every year…

Intelligent materials provide a resistance that stands the test of time and the customization of colors is the last trend in interior design. Functionality, warm textures, and natural shapes make their use a delight.

Why choosing granite sinks?

Inspired by the bravery of volcanoes, Hekla® is Poalgi’s mass material. Designed for the kitchen, its composition from mineral loads of different granulometries and high-quality technical resin convert Hekla® into a unique material, capable of resisting all external factors. The Kobus, ZieGandia collections present this material through timeless designs, making the granite sink a piece for a lifetime.

Why choosing resin sinks?

For all kitchen styles, Roc Stone® is characterized by its great capacity for customization. The resin sinks presented in Zie, Gandia, Shira, City, Kuma and Basic collections adapt to any kitchen thanks to the variety of designs they offer and the Colorplus system.

The in-house formulation of this material is the result of innovation combined with experience. A production process based on detail that turns resin sinks into the ideal complement for your kitchen.